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This page includes where you can find free e-books and poetry of writers who have stops on our Author Adventures state trails. Visit our state pages for suggested titles, biographical information, and specific trail locations.

When using the websites listed below, please check their individual terms of use for permissions and citation information.

E-books listed by writer:

Ager, Waldemar:
Trail: Wisconsin

Angelou, Maya:
Trail: Arkansas

Audubon, John James:
Trails: Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Utah

Baum, L. Frank:
Trails: District of Columbia, Kansas, Utah

Beecher, Edward: 
Trail: Illinois

Beecher, Henry Ward:
Trail: New York

Bierce, Ambrose: and
Trail: Indiana (or can be added to Ohio)

Burroughs, Edgar Rice: and
Trails: California, Idaho

Cather, Willa:
Trails: Nebraska, New Mexico

Chesnutt, Charles:
Trails: North Carolina

Cody, “Buffalo Bill”:
Trail: Wyoming

Cooper, James Fenimore:
Trail: New Jersey

Crane, Stephen:
Trails: Florida, New Jersey

Darling, Ding:
Trail: Florida

DuBois, W.E.B.:
Trail: Massachusetts

Dunbar, Paul Laurence:
Trail: Ohio

Eiseley, Loren:
Trail: Nebraska

Ellison, Ralph:
Trail: Oklahoma

Emerson, Ralph Waldo:
Trail: Massachusetts

Fairchild, David:
Trail: Florida

Field, Eugene:
Trail: Missouri

Fitzgerald, F. Scott:
Trails: Alabama, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina

Fletcher, John Gould:
Trail: Arkansas

Fortier, Alcee:
Trail: Louisiana

Franklin, Benjamin:
Trail: Pennsylvania

Frost, Robert: and
Trails: Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico (Bynner stop), Texas, Vermont

Grey, Zane:
Trails: Arizona, Ohio

Guest, Edgar A.:
Trail: Florida (Las Olas stop)

Harris, Joel Chandler:
Trail: Georgia

Hawthorne, Nathaniel:
Trail: Massachusetts

Hemingway, Ernest:
Trails: Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, South Carolina, Texas

Henry, O.:
Trails: North Carolina, Texas

Hugo, Richard:
Trails: Montana, Washington

James, Will:
Trail: Nevada

James, William:
Trail: Massachusetts

Jeffers, Robinson: and
Trail: California

Jefferson, Thomas: and (Declaration of Independence)
Trails: District of Columbia, Virginia

Jewett, Sarah Orne: 
Trail: Maine

Keller, Helen:
Trail: Alabama

Kennedy, John F.: and
Trail: Massachusetts

L’Amour, Louis:
Trail: North Dakota

Lazarus, Emma:
Trail: New York

Lewis and Clark:
Trail: Oregon

Lewis, Sinclair:
Trails: Minnesota, Texas (Harry Ransom Center)

Lincoln, Abraham:
Trail: Illinois

London, Jack:
Trails: Alaska, California, Texas (Harry Ransom Center)

Low, Juliette Gordon:
Trail: Georgia

Madison, James:
Trail: Virginia

McKay, Claude:
Trail: New York

Meeker, Ezra:
Trail: Washington

Mencken, H.L.:
Trail: Maryland

Merrick, George:
Trail: Florida

Millay, Edna St. Vincent:
Trails: Maine, New Mexico (Bynner stop)

Muir, John:
Trails: Alaska, California, Wisconsin

Munzer, Martha:
Trail: Florida

Nash, Ogden:
Trail: Maryland

Neihardt, John:
Trail: Illinois

O’Neill, Rose Cecil:
Trail: Missouri

Poe, Edgar Allan:
Trails: Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Pyle, Howard:
Trail: Delaware

Rogers, Will:
Trails: California, Oklahoma

Roosevelt, Theodore:
Trail: North Dakota, Virginia

Russell, Charles M.:
Trails: Montana, Texas (Stark Museum of Art)

Sandburg, Carl: 
Trails: Illinois, North Carolina

Schultz, James Willard: and
Trails: Arizona, Montana

Service, Robert:
Trail: Alaska

Stafford, William:
Trail: Oregon

Stein, Gertrude:
Trails: California, Texas (Harry Ransom Center)

Stevens, Wallace
Trails: Connecticut, Pennsylvania

Stevenson, Robert Louis:
Trails: California, Georgia

Stowe, Harriet Beecher:
Trails: Connecticut, Ohio

Thoreau, Henry David:
Trails: Massachusetts

Truth, Sojourner:
Trail: Michigan

Twain, Mark:
Trails: Connecticut. Missouri, Nevada

Wallace, Lew:
Trail: New Mexico

Washington, Booker T.:
Trails: Virginia, West Virginia

Wharton, Edith:
Trail: Massachusetts

Wilder, Laura Ingalls:
Trails: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Williams, Miller: and
Trail: Arkansas

Wolfe, Thomas:
Trail: North Carolina