Frank Cuesta’s selfie of us when we provided research about an historic literary landmark, the Tarzana Museum, for his television series, “Wild Frank” (Discovery), broadcast in 100+ countries.

Thank you for your success stories! We hear a lot of great things, like these:

Outreach and Partnerships:

  • We have viewers in 75+ countries
  • Through use of our website, educators and students have earned approximately $130,000 in college scholarships and summer fellowships from major institutions, including American University and the National Association of Theatre Owners, among others. And those are just the ones we know about!
  • Our website is an American Library Association’s Best Website for Teaching and Learning Award nominee
  • “Wild Frank,” a Spanish-language television series on Discovery, interviewed us for an episode about Edgar Rice Burroughs at the Tarzana Museum in California
  • Our presentations have been welcomed by professional librarian groups, civic organizations, schools, and foundations
  • Our followers are growing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • We successfully match national and local historic preservation partners
  • We were adopted by the John Corcoran Foundation (see its website here:
  • Beginning in 2019, we participated in historic preservation meetings of stakeholders for rising literary landmarks in Florida and California

Professional Connections and Contributions:

  • Curators and specialists of several historic houses have offered their time and expertise free of charge, some of whom appear in our YouTube videos
  • The first woman and first African-American mayor of Stamps, Arkansas, gave us a personal tour of Maya Angelou’s hometown
  • Fifth grade teachers have introduced students to the website to help with state reports (see our YouTube video of a fifth grade project connecting states with literary landmarks here:
  • A middle school English teacher used the website to grow her knowledge of literary landmarks while traveling through Colorado on spring break
  • A retired editor of The Miami Herald donated weeks of professional research to help our coverage of local literary landmarks
  • Jacqui Bally, a genealogy specialist from Los Angeles, contributed vintage photos connected to the histories of New York, Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire, and California
  • International students at Oklahoma State University were inspired by an Author Adventures presentation to explore expanding the idea to their home countries; one student became an Author Adventures intern
  • A creative writing professor at a Florida university referred expert research contacts to help us add more locations to the Florida literary trails
  • A Baton Rouge Elementary school teacher joined our research team on the entire Louisiana trail, contributing ideas along the way
  • A retired Miami Dade College professor of English traveled with us as a guide through the landmarks along the Georgia and South Carolina coastline (Do you see us in the pic below?)
  • An environmental scientist from Doral, Florida, gave us a full-day tour of the Everglades to enrich our video about author Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

Personal Victories:

  • A Los Angeles couple won our donation of a day-long tour of “Literary Los Angeles” to benefit a fundraising campaign for their child’s school
  • A grandfather in South Dakota used this website to explain to his family the importance of an author who was their ancestor
  • Jan Hunt, a popular psychologist, author and early advocate of homeschooling residing in British Columbia, researched the house of a beloved author she visited with her son in New England many years before
  • Fans of an author shared our author’s page to raise awareness of a campaign to save the author’s home
  • Numerous parents have consulted and commended us for preparing their children for literary trails
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