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Abraham Lincoln in Illinois*

Adelaide Fries in North Carolina*

Alcee Fortier in Louisiana*

Aldous Huxley in California*

Alex Haley in Tennessee*

Alice Ruth Dunbar Moore-Nelson in Delaware

Alice Walker in Georgia*

Allen Ginsburg in Louisiana

Alma Smith Jacobs in Montana*

Ambrose Bierce in California

Ambrose Bierce in Indiana

Andy Griffith in North Carolina*

Angelina Grimke and Sarah Grimke in South Carolina*

Angie Debo in Oklahoma

Ann Lane Petry in Connecticut*

Anne Rice in Louisiana

Archibald Rutledge in South Carolina*

Arna Bontemps in California*

Arna Bontemps in Louisiana*

August Wilson in Minnesota*


Barack Obama in Hawaii*

Barry Lopez in Alaska

Barry Lopez in Texas

Benjamin Franklin in Pennsylvania

Bernice Pauahi Bishop in Hawaii

Bess Streeter Aldrich in Nebraska*

Beverly Cleary in Oregon

Bil Keane in Arizona

Bill Clinton in Arkansas*

Bill Cody in Nebraska*

Bill Cody in Wyoming*

Bill Martin, Jr. in Texas

Bill Peet in Indiana

Billy Graham in North Carolina*

Black Elk in Nebraska

Bobby William Austin in Tennessee

Booker T. Washington in Virginia*

Booker T. Washington in West Virginia*


Carl Sandburg in Illinois*

Carl Sandburg in Iowa

Carl Sandburg in Louisiana

Carl Sandburg in North Carolina*

Carl Sandburg in Wisconsin*

Carol Ryrie Brink in Idaho*

Carson McCullers in Georgia*

Charles Chesnutt in North Carolina*

Charles Dickens in Pennsylvania

Charles M. Schulz in California*

Charles M. Schulz in Minnesota*

Charles Marion Russell in Montana*

Charles H. Wesley in Tennessee

Charles Willeford in Florida

Charlie May Simon in Arkansas

Chester Gould in Illinois

Claude McKay in New York*

Clive Cussler in Colorado*

Coretta Scott King in Alabama*


Damon Runyan in Colorado*

Dashiell Hammett in California*

David Fairchild in Florida*

David Levering Lewis in Tennessee

David Macaulay in Rhode Island

D.H. Lawrence in New Mexico*

Dori Sanders in South Carolina*

Dorothy Parker in California*

Dudley Randall in Michigan


Earl Hamner in Virginia*

Edgar Allan Poe in Maryland*

Edgar Allan Poe in New York*

Edgar Allan Poe in Pennsylvania*

Edgar Allan Poe in Virginia*

Edgar Rice Burroughs in California

Edgar Rice Burroughs in Idaho

Edgar Rice Burroughs in Michigan*

Edith Wharton in Massachusetts*

Edna St. Vincent Millay in Louisiana

Edna St. Vincent Millay in Maine*

Edward Abbey in Utah*

Edward Deming Andrews in Delaware

Edward Beecher in Illinois*

e.e. cummings in Iowa*

Elaine L. Konigsburg in New York

Ella Mae Johnson in Tennessee

Ellen G. White in Michigan*

Elmore Leonard in South Carolina

Emily Dickinson in Massachusetts*

Emma Lazarus in New York

Eric Carle in Massachusetts*

Eric Sevareid in North Dakota*

Ernest Hemingway in Florida*

Ernest Hemingway in Idaho*

Ernest Hemingway in Illinois*

Ernest Hemingway in Louisiana

Ernest Hemingway in Michigan*

Ernest Hemingway in South Carolina

Ernest J. Gaines in Louisiana*

Ernie Pyle in New Mexico*

Erskine Caldwell in Georgia*

Eudora Welty in Mississippi*

Eugene Field in Missouri*

Eugene O’Neill in California*

Eugene O’Neill in Connecticut*

Ezra Meeker in Washington*

Ezra Pound in Idaho*


F. Scott Fitzgerald in Alabama*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in California*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in Kentucky*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in New Jersey*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in New York

F. Scott Fitzgerald in North Carolina*

Flannery O’Connor (Andalusia Farm) in Georgia*

Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home in Georgia*

Flannery O’Connor in Iowa*

Floyd Schmoe in Washington

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper in Pennsylvania

Frances Hodgson Burnett in California

Frances Parkinson Keyes in Louisiana*

Frank Herbert in Washington

Frank Yerby in Tennessee

Fred Rogers in Pennsylvania*

Frederic Remington in New York*

Frederick Douglass in DC*

Frederick G. Ruffner, Jr. in Florida


Gene Stratton-Porter in Indiana*

George L. Brown in Colorado*

George Merrick in Florida*

George Washington Cable in Louisiana*

Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico*

Gerald Early in Missouri

Gertrude Stein in California

Golda Meir in Colorado*

Gordon Parks in Kansas (pending)

Gray Barker in West Virginia

Gwendolyn Brooks in Illinois*


Harper Lee in Alabama*

Harriet Beecher Stowe in Connecticut*

Harriet Beecher Stowe in Maine*

Harriet Beecher Stowe in Ohio*

Harriet E. Adams Wilson in New Hampshire

Harry Ransom in Texas

Harry Reid in Nevada*

Harvey Pekar in Ohio*

Hearst Castle in California*

Helen Keller in Alabama*

Henry David Thoreau in Massachusetts*

Henry David Thoreau in Michigan

Henry Miller in Louisiana

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Maine*

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Massachusetts*

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Michigan

Henry Ward Beecher in New York*

Herman Melville in Massachusetts*

H.L. Mencken in Maryland*

Homer Hickam in West Virginia*

Horton Foote in Texas

Hosea Easton in Rhode Island

Howard Pyle in Delaware


Ida B. Wells in Tennessee

Ina Coolbrith in California

Isaac Asimov in West Virginia


Jack Kerouac in California*

Jack Kerouac in Florida*

Jack Kerouac in Louisiana

Jack Kerouac in Massachusetts*

Jack London in Alaska*

Jack London in Central California*

Jack London in Northern California*

Jack Schaefer in Wyoming

James Baldwin in Connecticut

James Fenimore Cooper in New Jersey*

James Weldon Johnson in Tennessee

James Whitcomb Riley in Indiana*

James Madison in Virginia*

James Merrill in Connecticut*

James Michener in Colorado*

James Michener in New York

James Michener in Pennsylvania

James Michener in Texas*

James Willard Schultz in Arizona*

James Willard Schultz in Montana*

Dr. James Still in New Jersey*

James Thurber in Ohio*

Janette Sebring Lowrey in Texas

Jesse Stuart in Kentucky*

Jimmy Carter in Georgia*

J.N. ‘Ding’ Darling in Florida*

Joel Chandler Harris in Georgia*

John Adams in Massachusetts*

John James Audubon in Florida*

John James Audubon in Kentucky*

John James Audubon in Texas

John Russell Bartlett*

John Brewer in Texas

John Y. Cole in DC*

John Denver in Colorado

John Hope Franklin in North Carolina*

John Hope Franklin in Tennessee

John F. Kennedy in Massachusetts*

John Graves in Texas

John Howard Griffin in Texas

John Grisham in Louisiana

John Grisham in Mississippi*

John Irving in Iowa*

John Lewis in Tennessee

John Muir in Alaska*

John Muir in California*

John Muir in Wisconsin*

John Neihardt in Nebraska*

John Ridley IV in Wisconsin

John Smelcer in Alaska

John Steinbeck in California*

John Updike in Pennsylvania*

John Edgar Wideman in Iowa

John Edgar Wideman, Wyoming

John Gould Fletcher in Arkansas*

Joseph Conrad in Pennsylvania

Joseph Downs in Delaware

Josiah Henson in Maryland

J.R.R. Tolkien in Wisconsin

Julia Child in DC

Juliette Gordon Low in Georgia*

Julius Lester in Tennessee


Kate DiCamillo in Minnesota

Katherine Anne Porter in Texas*

Katherine Johnson in West Virginia

Kay Thompson in New York

Kurt Vonnegut in Indiana*

Kurt Vonnegut in Iowa


L. Frank Baum in California*

L. Frank Baum in DC

L. Frank Baum in Kansas

Langston Hughes in Illinois*

Langston Hughes in Kansas*

Langston Hughes in Ohio*

Larry McMurtry in Texas*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Iowa*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Kansas*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Minnesota*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Missouri*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in South Dakota*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Wisconsin*

Lawrence Dunbar Reddick in Tennessee

Levar Burton in California

Lemuel Haynes in Vermont

Lew Wallace in New Mexico*

Lewis Carroll in California

Lewis Carroll in Pennsylvania

Lloyd Alexander in Utah*

Lois Lenski in Ohio*

Loren Eiseley in Nebraska*

Louie Zamperini in California*

Louis Bromfield in Ohio*

Louis L’Amour in Colorado*

Louis L’Amour in North Dakota*

Louisa May Alcott in Massachusetts*

Louise Erdrich in Minnesota*

Louise Erdrich in North Dakota*


Mabel Smythe-Haith in Tennessee*

MacKinlay Kantor in Florida*

Malcolm X in Nebraska

Margaret Lothrop in Massachusetts*

Margaret Mitchell in Georgia*

Margaret Sidney in Massachusetts*

Margaret Truman in DC*

Margaret Walker Alexander in Mississippi*

Margaret Walker Alexander in Iowa

Marguerite Henry in Virginia*

Marguerite Henry in Wisconsin

Mari Evans in Indiana

Mari Sandoz in Nebraska*

Maria von Trapp in Vermont*

Marianne Moore in Pennsylvania*

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in Florida*

Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida*

Mark Twain in Connecticut*

Mark Twain in Michigan*

Mark Twain in Missouri*

Mark Twain in Nevada*

Martha Harding in Massachusetts*

Martha Munzer in Florida*

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Alabama*

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Georgia*

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Tennessee

Mary Frances Berry in Tennessee

Mary O’Hara in Wyoming*

Matt Christopher in South Carolina*

Maud Hart Lovelace in Minnesota*

Max Brand in California*

Max Lucado in Texas*

Maya Angelou in Arkansas*

Maya Angelou in North Carolina

Meindert DeJong in Michigan*

Melvin B. Tolson in Tennessee

Michael Shiner in DC

Miguel de Cervantes in Pennsylvania

Miles Vandarhurst Lynk in Tennessee

Miller Williams in Arkansas*


Nathaniel Hawthorne in Massachusetts*

Neil Simon in Colorado*

Nella Larsen in Tennessee

Nellie Bly in DC

Nikki Giovanni in Tennessee

Noah Webster in Connecticut*

Norman Rockwell in Massachusetts*


O. Henry in North Carolina*

O. Henry in Texas*

Ogden Nash in Maryland*

Ole Rolvaag in South Dakota*

Oprah Winfrey in Tennessee

Oscar Anderson in Alaska*

Owen Wister in Wyoming*


Pat Conroy in South Carolina*

Paul Laurence Dunbar in Ohio*

Paul Goble in South Dakota*

Pearl S. Buck in Pennsylvania*

Pearl S. Buck in West Virginia*

Phyllis Wheatley in Pennsylvania

Poore Family in New Hampshire*


Queen Liliuokalani in Hawaii*


Rachel Carson in Maryland*

Rachel Carson in Pennsylvania*

Ralph Ellison in Oklahoma*

Ralph Waldo Emerson in Massachusetts*

Ralph Middleton Munroe in Florida*

Ray Bradbury in California*

Ray Bradbury in Indiana

Raymond Carver in Iowa*

Raymond Chandler in California*

Richard Allen in Pennsylvania

Richard Hugo in Montana*

Richard Hugo in Washington*

Rita Dove in Arizona*

Rita Dove in Iowa

Robert Frost in Florida*

Robert Frost in Iowa*

Robert Frost in New Hampshire*

Robert Frost in Vermont*

Robert McCloskey in Massachusetts*

Robert McCloskey in Ohio*

Robert Schuller in California*

Robert W. Service in Alaska*

Robert Louis Stevenson in California*

Robert Penn Warren in Iowa

Robert Penn Warren in Kentucky*

Robinson Jeffers in California*

Ron Stallworth in Colorado

Rose Cecil O’Neill in Missouri*

Rubens Borba de Moraes in Rhode Island

Rudolfo Anaya in New Mexico

Rudyard Kipling in Vermont*

Rutherford B.H. Yates in Texas*


Sarah Orne Jewett in Maine*

Scott O’Dell in California

S.E. Hinton in Oklahoma*

Septima Poinsette Clark in Tennessee*

Sequoyah in Tennessee*

Sequoyah in Oklahoma*

Shelby Foote in Mississippi*

Sinclair Lewis in Minnesota*

Sojourner Truth in Michigan*

Stephen Ambrose in Louisiana

Stephen Crane in Florida*

Stephen Crane in New Jersey*

Stephen King in Maine*

Steve Alten in Delaware*

Susie Sumner Revels Cayton in Washington


T. Thomas Fortune in New Jersey*

Tasha Tudor in Vermont*

Tennessee Williams in Florida*

Tennessee Williams in Iowa

Tennessee Williams in Louisiana*

Tennessee Williams in Mississippi*

Tennessee Williams in New York*

Terry McMillan in Wyoming

Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) in California*

Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) in Massachusetts*

Theodore Dreiser in Indiana*

Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota*

Thomas Bailey Aldrich in New Hampshire*

Thomas Detter in Nevada

Thomas Jefferson in Virginia*

Thomas Merton in Kentucky

Thomas Wolfe in North Carolina*

Thornton Wilder in New Mexico*

Thornton Wilder in Wisconsin

Truman Capote in Alabama

Truman Capote in Louisiana

T.S. Eliot in California*


Upton Sinclair in Texas


Waldemar Ager in Wisconsin*

Walker Percy in Mississippi*

Wallace Stegner in Iowa

Wallace Stegner in Utah

Wallace Stevens in Connecticut*

Wallace Stevens in Pennsylvania

Wallace Thurman in Utah

Walt Whitman in New Jersey*

Walter Farley in Florida*

Wanda Ga’g in Minnesota*

Washington Irving in New York*

W.E.B. DuBois in Massachusetts*

W.E.B. DuBois in Tennessee

Will James in Nevada*

Will Rogers in California*

Will Rogers in Oklahoma*

Willa Cather in Nebraska*

Willa Cather in New Hampshire

Willa Cather in New Mexico*

William Bradford in Massachusetts*

William Bradford Huie in Alabama

William Clark and Meriwether Lewis in Oregon*

William Cullen Bryant in Massachusetts*

William Edward Deming in Wyoming

William Faulkner in California*

William Faulkner in Louisiana*

William Faulkner in Mississippi*

William Randolph Hearst in California*

William Inge in Kansas*

William James in Massachusetts*

William Lutz in Nevada*

William S. Burroughs in Louisiana

William Saroyan in California

William Stafford in Oregon*

Willie Morris in Mississippi*

Wilson Rawls in Idaho*

Witter Bynner in New Mexico*

W.P. Kinsella in Iowa*

Wright Morris in Nebraska*


Zane Grey in Arizona*

Zane Grey in Ohio*

Zora Neale Hurston in Florida*

Zora Neale Hurston in Illinois*