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Teachers and Librarians:

Looking for ways to make academic subjects personally relevant to students at minimal or no expense? This website blends literature, geography, history, art, and science featuring:

  • Profiles of 300+ authentic US literary locations
  • Links that springboard to author biographies, regional information, and articles for deeper research
  • Quick access to ebooks of the profiled authors
  • Context through timelines and maps
  • Easy maker ideas for students, most of which do not require equipment or screens

The profiles meet this criteria:

  • the actual living space or workplace of an author (we avoid replicas and fictional settings unless the author lived there)
  • “tour-able” (not private homes, plaques or tombstones)
  • kid-friendly for students who are in middle-grades on up

Where to Start — Search by State:

Start with the “Places” icon on our home page or the Search by State link from the menu to select an area. This will provide a complete statewide literary road trip with links to pages for each location.

Also notice the timeline near the end of the state page, which provides a geographic and historic context. An example looks like this:

Or Search by Author Name:

You can find all of the pages connected to an author by typing the author’s name in the search box.

No two landmarks are alike, even if they are connected to the same author, so click on each of the author’s links for their information.

Each author page is a springboard to additional biographical and literary links. Many pages also offer ideas from teachers for student activities in order to enhance the overall experience. The more thorough you are, the more engaging your journey will be.

Or as a:

  • teaching tool in your classroom or library;
  • student research tool for book reports, state reports, and research papers;
  • follow-up to school assemblies;
  • preparation for academic competitions;
  • field trip guide;
  • resource for free ebooks; or
  • way to share fascinating facts and images identified by educators and students for you and the families you serve.


Our videos can be viewed on the Author Adventures YouTube channel. You can watch YouTube videos without the clutter of inappropriate content by placing the video link in safeshare.tv.

Images on authoradventures.org are original to our writers, photographers or readers, mostly coming directly from travels at personal expense, so we ask that our images be used for educational purposes only.

Acknowledgement and Permissions:

Thank you for being among thousands of educators and students around the world discovering the joy of visiting literary landmarks. When crediting this website, acknowledge it as AuthorAdventures.org.

If you have any questions, ideas, or photos to contribute, please complete the contact form below. We welcome hearing from you.