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In high school and college, you may find that you are required to read more books with more pages than ever before and instructed to write with more research and deeper understanding than was asked of you as a middle grader.

We encourage you to use as a springboard of ideas for your research papers and other writing projects.

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To see all the publicly open landmarks of an author, type the author’s name in our searchbox. A link of each literary landmark in each state connected to that person’s name will appear.

Since each is in a unique location, visit all of our links connected to the writer. Some may have landmarks in many different places, like Edgar Allan Poe. Others may have only one, such as Katherine Anne Porter. No two landmarks are exactly alike, even if they are connected to the same writer.

From each author’s page, read the description and click on each link on that page for additional sources of information.

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Another helpful idea is to go to the state page of the writer so you can see the historic timeline indicating where the author falls in relation to others from the same state.

Of course, the best thing you can do is arrange for an actual road trip to the landmark connected to the author you are learning about. Even if you go to just one, you will gain different knowledge from that experience than you would by only listening in a classroom.

To help you choose a location to visit, please visit the Author Adventures YouTube channel.

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